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We Offer and Stock a Large Selection of Collectible Us Currency From Small Size Silver Certificates To Large Size Treasury Notes, Bank Notes And Even… Confederate Currency.

Paper currency has been used as a medium for commerce since the early ancient Chinese Dynasties. Paper currency, or often called banknotes, are a type of negotiable currency created by a bank as a promissory note payable on demand. Originally, paper money was used as a promise to deliver coin based currency in an exchange of commerce. Over the years, the easy–to–carry paper currency simply became more popular than heavier coins and it cost less to produce. At U.S. Coins & Jewelry We offer and stock a large selection of collectible US Currency from small size Silver Certificates to large size Treasury notes, Bank Notes and even Confederate Currency. We also carry unique and obsolete currency, Republic of Texas currency, and high denomination notes such as $500 and $1000 Federal Reserve Notes. Whether you are buying or selling, we have expert appraisers on site. Our professionals and their expertise in the field of currency knowledge, allows us to provide buyers and sellers with the highest quality currency selling services. Plus, our experienced buyers have decades of experience with paper currency and banknote sales.

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  • Silver Certificates
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