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  • American Numismatic
    Association - ANA

    U.S. Coins and Jewelry is an Authorized Dealer of PCGS, NGC, CAC Certified Coins.

  • Free Rare
    Coin Appraisals

    The scales that U.S. Coins and Jewelry uses are carefully calibrated and certified by the State of Texas annually.

  • Extensive Gold and Silver
    Bullion Selection

    U.S. Coins and Jewelry is licensed by the State of Texas

  • How does your coin shop near me differ from others?

    Coin Shop Near Me

    U.S. Coins and Jewelry is Houston's largest buyer of coins, gold, silver, estate jewelry, and more. We buy, sell, and trade numismatic coins, bullion, jewelry, diamonds, and currency. When you visit and shop with us, you are assured the following:

    • We're a licensed dealer
    • Fair and honest transactions
    • Vast inventory
    • Secure location

    We are licensed by the State of Texas as a dealer of precious metals. In business for more than 30 years from our secure brick-and-mortar location, we have earned a great reputation for conducting transactions honestly and fairly. Our grading equipment is certified annually by the state, and we give you accurate evaluations of your items and of the items we offer in our vast showroom.

    "I couldn't believe your showroom. Fantastic! I could spend hours just looking around there." -Kenneth J.

  • Does your coin shop offer free appraisals?

    Yes, we offer free verbal appraisals of your items. We also offer comprehensive evaluations for your gold, silver, and platinum items, whether coins, jewelry, or other forms. Our evaluation process, or grading, for metal purity is transparent and honest.

    We appraise numismatic coins, currency, fine jewelry, fine timepieces, diamonds, semi-precious gemstones and more! We are always buying gold and other items. Bring in your coins, jewelry, or other items and trade with us. Or, sell your items and get cash today!

  • What types of coins can I buy or sell in your store?

    We carry a vast inventory of coins. We have perhaps every type of U.S. coin that has ever been struck by the mint. Additionally, we buy and sell foreign coins and ancient coins. Being the largest buyer of coins and precious metals in Greater Houston, our inventory changes frequently. We are always buying!

    "I sold my coin collection with some very special coins with great eye appeal...Lots of nice "wow" pieces with super luster. I worked with Kenny Duncan Jr. and we went coin by coin. His offers reflected the high quality of what I purchased. I highly recommend US Coins to anyone selling a coin collection. Thanks Kenny!" -Tom C.


  • November 18, 2016

    When building a coin collection, knowledge is key. Finding a local coin shop can help you to learn about coins. Most dealers started as collectors and as their knowledge and love for the hobby grew, they eventually moved to buying and selling rare coins.  Often, dealers are more than happy to share their knowledge. As a new collector, this is a great way to learn as you build your collection.

    Many coin dealers offer a wish list service where you give them specific coins you are looking to add to your collection, and they work to find them for you. As dealers, they are in contact with other collectors daily, and often attend shows and auctions. This can be a valuable resource for you. When the time comes to upgrade your collection or sell your coins, a coin shop nearby can be a great resource.

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